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Tiantai Dingtian Packaging Co., Ltd

Tiantai Dingtian Packaging Co., Ltd.  is a professional factory that provides high-end wet press molded pulp packaging materials and solutions, combine with good design service, CNC machining service, mass production and logistic service.

Established in 2014,the company is located in Tiantai county, Zhejiang province, a national 5A scenic spot with beautiful scenery. Now our factory is more than 6500 square meters and has more than 100 employees. In the past 6 years, we have always met the needs of customers with better products and technology support and after-sale service. Now we have become a large-scale, modern and professional high-end molded fiber production enterprises with a good reputation.


  • What are the characteristics of wet pressed paper holder?

    The tableware products and industrial packaging paper support products produced by pulp molding technology are environmentally friendly products. They use plant fibers or waste paper as raw materials, and there is no pollution in the production process and use process. In addition to its good rol...

  • Papermaking process should strengthen washing, screening and purification

    After chemical cooking of plant fiber raw materials, 50~85% pulp is obtained, and nearly 15~50% of the substances are dissolved in the cooking liquid. The cooking liquid discharged from cooking is collectively referred to as waste liquid. The purpose of washing is to separate the waste liquid of ...

  • Advocate the development of pulp molding machinery industry

    Currently, the hardware (technical methods, devices) systems and software (regulations, standards, systems) systems for waste recycling, treatment and regeneration are relatively weak. In the urban garbage, various packaging wastes account for about 30% to 40%, and plastic packaging wastes accoun...

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